Dealmaking & Strategy.

Windigo Bay assembles and negotiates deals for our clients: to sell businesses, open markets, find and work with new partners, and solve challenging shareholder situations.  

Our dealmaking expertise covers the full gamut of deal types: 

  • sale of businesses & product lines

  • financings

  • partnership & distribution deals

  • resolving complex or deadlocked negotiations 

We design deals and strategies with the care of an architect.  We get clear on your goals as part of our process.

In dealmaking we use a sophisticated set of methods and strategies, including proprietary techniques.

We also specialize in finding good opportunities: deal hunting. This is valuable for clients that are looking for partners, new channels of distribution, licensees and acquirers. 

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Creative Strategy: Reinventing Underperforming Tech & Media Businesses

We also specialize in bringing fresh creative approaches to businesses that have stalled or are performing below their potential.

With our team's background in venture capital, media and technology startups, we bring unique perspectives. Our methods go far beyond vanilla financial reviews and cut-and-paste "strategies". We look at each situation with a fresh eye. We ask hard and novel questions. We sort out the talent. We design the dealmaking machine. And we make practical actionable plans to move things ahead.

Our Clients Love What We Do

"Keith was hired as my business advisor who recently negotiated the sale of my majority interest in a business. Keith took over the discussions and negotiations at every stage, he worked hard to understand my priorities and to make sure I understood my options and the trade-offs involved in different kinds of deals. Everything was in plain English. I liked his insistence by having me imagine different outcomes five years down the road. Keith negotiated with the buyer, also managed the lawyers, stayed on top of the formal documents, and kept my legal fees to a reasonable level. The result was that I got a great deal that made me very happy, and we closed it smoothly and on friendly terms." - S.M., client

"Keith was excellent in an advisory and implementation role for an investment of mine. I recommend Keith highly for his persistence, attention to detail and knowledge..." - D.V., client

"Keith recently help me negotiate a key business transaction. Keith was able to quickly dissect all parties' interests and motivations at the emotional level as well as the financial level. He quickly combined his insight and understanding of the parties with his knowledge and previous experience to recommend an effective deal structure." - G.B., client

"Keith keeps a focus on the primary objectives while taking an innovative approach to getting the deal done. While doing this he remains detail oriented, upbeat and pleasant. [He is] driven, creative, goal oriented and a joy to work with." - L.G., client

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How We Charge

Most clients pay an hourly fee. Our standard rate is $325 per hour for Canadian clients and US$275 per hour for our American clients. This fee applies for services like negotiations, strategy advice, investment reviews and so on.

If we manage the sale of a business, we structure it with a monthly work fee plus bonus fee at closing.